In the Shadow of Sigmar

Inside Estelman's Shop

  • We head into Estelman’s shop, it’s all burned out and gutted
  • Several people stumble in the rubble and push their feet through the floor
  • We make our way into the basement, then into the sewer.
  • We find a closet in the sewer that’s been forced open
  • Bookshelves are empty, lots of footprints
  • Each shelf has a name pasted on it
  • We gather the names off the shelves to create the list of Estelman’s customers, and we have a list of 27 names
  • Imhol confronts a beggar outside, who runs away. As the witch hunter runs away, Imhol shoots him in the back, bringing him down.
  • He interrogates the beggar who turns out to be a witch hunter.
  • The witch hunter starts calling for help, and Imhol gags him and drags him back to the book shop.
  • Oskar notices witch hunters coming down the street, so we all take off heading the other way.

Researching the Names

  • We get a room at an inn, then ask the bartender about the names of the people on the list.
  • The bartender recognizes several of the names that have been pasted over
    • Grigger Stradech – Heretic killed by The Vengeance of Sigmar (a vigilante)
    • Maltus Dorge – Mutant killed by The Vengeance of Sigmar
  • All the names that were pasted over have been killed
  • Everyone on the list is a merchant or noble, including those who were killed

Vengeance of Sigmar

  • Wears a mask
  • All his kills turn out to be mutants
  • They’re strung up with a twin-tailed comet badge nailed to their foreheads
  • Tall, thin, snuffles like a dog on a scent trail

Brother Axel

  • We ask about a man with a scar matching Ansel’s description, asking the various badge sellers because the Vengeance always nails a twin-tailed comet badge to his victims.
  • One of the badge sellers recognizes the description as Brother Axel, a priest of Sigmar, who buys the badges as gifts for the children who visit the temple.
  • We are told to meet with Brother Hildtveldt, who can tell us where to find Brother Axel.
  • Hildveldt tells us that some witch hunters were searching after Brother Axel. It turns out the witch hunter in particular was Jan!



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