In the Shadow of Sigmar

Visiting Estelman

Salvis Invitum - Saving unwillingly

Visiting Estelman

  • Gustav and (Protagonist) head up the stairs to visit Estelman
  • Imhol and Oskar climb a building next door in order to be in good position
  • Estelman tells us about Ansel
    • Loyal customer, buying his “special stock” of preferred customer items
    • Ansel moved to Marianberg, then moved back to Altdorf
    • Ansel came back from Marianberg with a scar, thinner, and somewhat crazy
    • Ansel threatened Estelman with death, extorted a list of his special customers

Witch Hunters Arrive

  • We hear a commotion downstairs, and it sounds like witch hunters have come for Estelman.
  • Estelman begs to be killed, rather than taken and tortured by the hunters.
  • We bar the doors to the room, but the witch hunters keep pushing and breaking doors.
  • Magnar and Gustav lower Estelman out the window as fast as possible, but it’s too fast and he shatters his legs, leading to internal bleeding, he’ll die very soon.
  • He gives them a key and says, “Under my shop”
  • Gustav draws his boot dagger and bestow’s Sigmar’s Mercy (a merciful death) to Estelman.

The exit

  • We escaped from the witchhunters, and we met an angry crowd that was looking for the witchhunters.
    • We also realize that they definitely aren’t the same people who were near Estelman’s shop.
  • We saw a raven following us as well



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