In the Shadow of Sigmar

Trapped Women and Giant Slugs

She's Luke Skywalker

  • Fought and killed the mutants in the tunnel we found from Jurgen’s map.
  • Discovered Caterine locked away further down the tunnel. Adolf, her husband, locked her in the tunnel following an argument. He was angered by her standing up for herself.
  • “Passing judgement on everyone we meet is our way.”
  • A trap door in the ceiling leads back up to Caterine and Adolf’s home. Janna asks Caterine if she wants us to kill Adolf. She doesn’t really care, but Adolf overhears the commotion and yells down. Gustav ungracefully confirms that Adolf abused Caterine. Janna fires an arrow at Adolf but misses, she tries again aiming for the head and hits him in the mouth.
  • Siegfried improvises a grappling hook and to go up the trap door shaft. Gustav climbs up to finish the job, with Siegfried close behind. While in Adolf’s residence they liberate some clothes and money
  • Konrad leads Caterine out of the tunnels. Everyone returns and we continue on the path from the map.
  • In a puddle lies a glowing green ball with something floating inside of it…..we take it.
  • Near the ‘X’ we find a large slug like creature. Janna is stricken with terror and flees, snapping out of it in time to see the beast dispatched by the melee efforts of the rest of the party.
  • Beyond the beast is a door leading to multiple rooms. There’s not a lot here but there are some known Nurgle symbols on the walls. There’s also a seemingly insane man imprisoned in a cell. He speaks of the “third moon.”
  • The man hands us a letter when he hears Urdal mention Jurgen. The letter essentially tells Jurgen to kill Ruben, who we suspect is the imprisoned man. It also informs us that Jurgen was an agent of Nurgle, and that Karl is being guided by agents of Nurgle.
  • We decide to kill Ruben. Siegfried then destroys all of the runes/symbols of Nurgle.



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