In the Shadow of Sigmar

She turned me into a newt!

Free the "witch" and learn about Karl

The plan, to let Konrad distract the guards protecting the “witch” while some of the team re-kidnaps the “witch” in order to further interrogate her to get further background on Karl.

Gustav and Urdal will camp out in case Konrad gets in trouble. Janna and Siegfried will kidnap her.

Upon seeing that the guards don’t actually protect her in the evening, the plan becomes useless.

NEW PLAN: Konrad and Urdal will break the “witch” out while the rest of the party guards the nearby alleyways.

This session brought to you by’s Tip Tuesday.

Konrad “picks” the lock by hitting it with his pick, it clangs loudly and dents the lock. The “witch” advises him to stop, she will tell us what she knows from the cage. She has accepted her fate.

Gustav says that Sigmar says, “blah blah blah, come back here I’ll bite your ankles off!”

The “witch” explains that the words of Sigmar have no hold here. She then continues to tell us that Osrick Falconheim (a witch hunter) had found Karl in the marsh and brought him to her. Karl didn’t have the mark of Sigmar when he was found, but he did seem to have some form of power over those around him. Maida Widmann, the “witch” had instructed the prirus to return Karl to the custody of the witch hunter. That was the last Maida saw him, until he returned as Sigmar reborn. The Prirus had hidden Karl to raise him as her own. Maida brought her and the other betraying sisters to the temple to confess, but instead they denounced her. Only the intervention of the black-hats kept her from being killed by the angry mob. She was sentenced to death by exposure.

She refuses to be broken out, but says that we need to find Osrick and have him take us to where he found Karl, so we can figure out where he came from and how he came to have this horrible power.

As Sigmar says: “to leave a comrade dying on the field of battle is to leave your hammer rusting in the rain.” With that, we wrap the lock in cloth and continue to whack at it, despite Maida’s pleading. Then, a voice exclaims “hey what are you doing there?”

Sigfried and Konrad continue to damage the lock while Urdal explains we should just find Osrick and leave Maida alone. Upon breaking the lock, black hats arrive. Then Gustav exclaims “an innocent has been freed in Sigmar’s name!”

5 Black hats arrive, initiative rolled, Siegfried picks up Maida. Gustav, Janna, and Konrad flee in opposite directions. Siegfried eventually flees past Janna, while Urdal takes off to the orphanage. Siegfried jostles Maida around in his running, causing her pain. Janna tries (sometimes successfully) to slow down the black hats by destroying surrounding scenery. Eventually Janna and Siegfried lose the Black hats and get out of town.

Siegfried, trying to heal Maida, tries to feed her some rations. She doesn’t want to eat it, but Siegfried “makes her eat it.”

Janna leaves Siegfried to find the rest of the party, when she happens upon Gustav she tells him that the authorities are looking for us, with one of the details being our proclaimed love of Sigmar. She tells him to hold his tongue, but he responds with “better to ask the wind not to blow.”

Urdal goes into the orphanage to try and get more information about Osrick, but ends up getting none. Everyone gathers outside of town where Janna and Siegfried remained. The plan now is to further interrogate Maida and find Osrick, We must know more about Karl’s past, and Osrick is the key.



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