Character Ideas

These are some ideas that I had for characters. I still like the idea of making someone else’s character for them, so don’t be surprised if you wind up with one of these:

The Banished Squire (fighter)

You were a squire for a local knight. It was the happiest day of your life when you were appointed to his service, and he’s been a good master. But, in a recent battle, somehow you lost his prized family sword. In retribution, your entire family was thrown into prison and you were exiled from his service.

The Twist: You actually blame yourself for everything. It’s not a standard “get revenge on your evil master” story. You genuinely believe he was right to do what he did, and you only want to find the sword return it to redeem yourself.

Ideas: Maybe over time you come to hate him, or hate yourself even more. Maybe he sold the sword and blamed the loss on you. Maybe you stole it. Who knows?

The Flagellant Devotee (scholar)

After the death of your parents, you grew up in an orphanage run by the clergy of Sigmar. It was better than being homeless, but they were quite severe. Daily chores and nightly prayers, with plenty of punishment. However, during one prayer session, you were forced to pray with a sharp stone clasped in your hands. You held it so tight your hands bled, but in your heart you finally heard Sigmar’s words. Now, you regularly flagellate yourself to reach a state of religious consciousness.

Brother of a Wizard (menial)

Brother was discovered to be a fledgeling hedge wizard. They townspeople came to burn him, but before they arrived, you stole all your family’s possessions, gave them to your brother, and sent him on his way. In retribution, your parents tossed you out and the townspeople shun you now. You have no choice but to turn to adventuring.

Character Ideas

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