In the Shadow of Sigmar

Keep Fucking That Chicken

Bullet Point Style

The party questioned Schmidt about her husband’s death.

Husband met with a Vonspire before dying.

Went to Lauer but he wouldn’t confirm which Vonspire met with Casper.

Went back to Schmidt, upset her with questions about her husband stealing a chicken.

Siegfrieg decided he had enough and went to “investigate” at the pub.

Party found splinters point straight up on the beam Casper was hanged, suggesting that the weight was moved along the beam. This pointed to murder.

House was ransacked, but nothing seemed missing.

In the den a letter was found addressed to Kaspar in which permission to research the crest in von Spire Library was given contingent upon the sharing of his research. A name was scrawled on letter: Hollenbach.

Asked Schmidt about Hollenbach. She didn’t know who it was. Said that Casper was going to research the heraldry, but hadn’t done it quite yet because he got caught up in the crusade of the child. He was researching the heraldry at the request of Wendell. Letter said that Lenhart was wanting any information found about the research.

Party questions Wendell about the research. He grants an audience with the Vonspires. Party tries to get him to go get some Bogen Booty. He declines.

Go to Gephart’s to look up Hollenbach in the heraldry.

Hollenbach is in the Heraldry book. Text is as follows: Hollenbach family was possibly vampires. Presumed to be all dead.

Go to Vonspires, visit library first. Look for books on Heraldry. Meet with Lucas. Talk about his deeds. Discuss taking his brother’s place if his brothers deeds are not lawful.

Talked about Hollenbach with Lucas, he recognized the name Hollenbach but denied it. Party mentioned his brother meeting with Casper.

Decide to talk to Lenhart. He is not available.

Gustav talks again with Lucas, encourages him to be bold. Lucas says that everything is in hand. Only siegfried discerns that this might possibly mean that Lucas has done something to his brother. Siegfried convinces Lucas to give a passage from the town. Gustav makes sure that Lucas needs no help, and the party leaves.

On leaving the town we are told not to speak of our conversation with Lucas or return on penalty of death.

Gustav wants to kill Lucas.

Greta Continued
Where is that damned chicken?
  • Lauer, town clerk, interrupts the investigation to introduce an older elf
  • Elf was found poaching on Von Spire territory and sentenced to aid in the chicken finding
  • Captured by Blaurest Blut, interated with Arnolt Schade
  • We go to Gephardt to identify the crest, but he has many tomes. Gustav decides to spend as long as it takes researching the crest.
  • Everyone else goes to interview the reeve, who turns out to be a pompous man who refers to himself in the third person.
  • The elf gets very angry at the reeve and demands him to explain himself and tell where he was on the night the chicken disappeared.
  • When the reeve hems and haws, the elf asks, “Were you out that night, and did you see anything afoul?”
  • The reeve says that Lenhardt VonSpire was seen holding the chicken and leaving the farm.
  • We go to speak to Lauer, the town clerk, and report to him our findings.
  • Lauer refuses to accept that Lenhardt would have stolen a chicken.
  • Arouette and Gustav argue over whether she has a duty to stand again Lenhardt VonSpire. If she wishes to forment rebellion in Bretonia, why does she ignore the excesses of the nobles here?
  • Elan interjects and expresses his support for people who stand against nobles. Arouette is quite entranced with him.
  • We ambush the reeve to question him. Faced with a small beating, he quickly caves.
    • He was told by Lucas VonSpire to tell that Lenhardt was stealing the chicken
    • The reeve says he saw Caster Schmidt skulking around the farm, but had no reason to arrest an upstanding member of the community.
  • We go to Frau ?? and ask about her dead husband.
  • She indicates that she does not wish to speak about it, but Elan sticks his foot in the door before it closes.

Quote of the night: – Elan – “I apologize for my unforgivable length.”

The quest for Greta the Chicken

dwarf scribe is unfamiliar with purple fibers. there’s not really a tailor in the town.
her chickens are the envy of fifeldorf
the bailiff (herr neytz) was checking out her chickens
we go to the wet whistle to find Neytz. It is the only tavern in this backwards town.

gustav debated a religious zealot
“the man who does his duty to the empire deserves his drink”
“sigmar reborn says we must remain strong. the path to true glory is by denying ones self…”
he does not know of any chicken stealers or anyone who wears purple.

Janna gambles (bloody royals, a brittonian card game) and loses 2 GCs to Herr Neytz

Bartender was coughing. his dog has been missing for about a week.
Neytz is useless

we meet a brittonian woman.
gustav rambles to her in some gibberish that none of us know. She hasn’t seen anyone wearing purple.
she has lived in the town for a couple years. She’s had to lay low because she was a political radical in brittonia.
she thinks the empire is very progressive. not a shithole like brittonia.

merchant kleinschrott (the bartender)
Janna talks to the barman. He has had the cough for a while and thinks it will be the end of him soon enough.
“they don’t really have peppermint”
he believes that a blood cult is sweeping through the town killing animals and people (such as the baker, schmidt, who “died”).
he thinks that more and more people are joining the cult.
“they thirst for blood and they kill animals and now humans. they need it for their rituals.”
he thinks schmidt was a member of the blood cult.

The lady asks us to go borrow a book from some dude (gephardt). He is a retired mathematician.
We go to his house. Gustav impresses him by talking in classical.
But then he gets all honest and fucks the plan up.
Gustav eventually convinces him to let us read the passages and transcribe a relevant passage.

Talkin’ to brittonian lady
Neytz has a weakness for playing cards. He is a weak drinker. Challenge him to cards and the loser has to drink.
She wins and gets him drunk. He starts to open up. He rambles about all sorts of shit.
He saw the reeve (walter schnee) doing rounds when he wasn’t on duty.
He doesn’t like gertrude.
he then falls asleep.

Went to interview the old dude behind gertrude’s house. He can’t keep track of gertrude’s chickens.
He found a lucky charm. It’s a family crest – gold symbol on a purple background. He found it on the fence.
He trades it for some swamp pigeon (frog) pie. Lenhardt had him whipped. His brother lucas raised money for
the old dude.

We now have the crest to investigate. Talk to walter. Stake out gephardt.

Road to Bogenhafen
  • Take the slow road back to Bogenhafen. We can’t afford a ship, and definitely not horses, so we have to walk.
  • Along the road, we see many wanted posters, some of the describing our group, saying we’re heretics and arsonists.
  • Gustav begins tearing down the posters as he finds them
  • Confronted by Arnolt, who has been tracking us
  • Gustav admits to his crimes but says it was done in the service of Sigmar
  • We are to be captured and escorted to Fiefeldorf, and Arnolt wants Wendel, one of his friends, to make the capture.
  • We agree to head to Fiefeldorf with Arnolt, but we keep all our weapons. It very nearly comes to blows, as we really don’t like the idea of being captured.
  • We are told to give up our weapons in order to help with an investigation.
  • Gustav: “Sigmar says, ‘Give up your hammer as you would give up your sister’s virginity’”
  • We must investigate a theft at Frau Gertrude’s place
  • A dwarf scribe name Dwali escorts us, spending the whole time scribbling.
  • Frau Gertrude tells us that her chicken, Greta, is missing, along with other animals.
  • Konrad finds some blood in the henhouse, and follows a trail to a fence along the property. There are brittle and purple fibers on the fence.
Trapped Women and Giant Slugs
She's Luke Skywalker
  • Fought and killed the mutants in the tunnel we found from Jurgen’s map.
  • Discovered Caterine locked away further down the tunnel. Adolf, her husband, locked her in the tunnel following an argument. He was angered by her standing up for herself.
  • “Passing judgement on everyone we meet is our way.”
  • A trap door in the ceiling leads back up to Caterine and Adolf’s home. Janna asks Caterine if she wants us to kill Adolf. She doesn’t really care, but Adolf overhears the commotion and yells down. Gustav ungracefully confirms that Adolf abused Caterine. Janna fires an arrow at Adolf but misses, she tries again aiming for the head and hits him in the mouth.
  • Siegfried improvises a grappling hook and to go up the trap door shaft. Gustav climbs up to finish the job, with Siegfried close behind. While in Adolf’s residence they liberate some clothes and money
  • Konrad leads Caterine out of the tunnels. Everyone returns and we continue on the path from the map.
  • In a puddle lies a glowing green ball with something floating inside of it…..we take it.
  • Near the ‘X’ we find a large slug like creature. Janna is stricken with terror and flees, snapping out of it in time to see the beast dispatched by the melee efforts of the rest of the party.
  • Beyond the beast is a door leading to multiple rooms. There’s not a lot here but there are some known Nurgle symbols on the walls. There’s also a seemingly insane man imprisoned in a cell. He speaks of the “third moon.”
  • The man hands us a letter when he hears Urdal mention Jurgen. The letter essentially tells Jurgen to kill Ruben, who we suspect is the imprisoned man. It also informs us that Jurgen was an agent of Nurgle, and that Karl is being guided by agents of Nurgle.
  • We decide to kill Ruben. Siegfried then destroys all of the runes/symbols of Nurgle.
Finding Jurgan
  • Sold all the stuff we found in the swamp.
  • donated the shark teeth to the temple of Manaan
  • head to the jolly boatman to meet with Jurgan
  • Konrad offers a gc in exchange for info on Jurgan. A bar patron says to check out the cooper down the street
  • coopers workshop is empty
  • back to jolly boatman. Weasely guy out front offers info on Jurgan. We tell him we’ll be back as soon as we deal with the guy who lied to us.
  • Urdal drinks the rest of the guys beer. He heads out the door and we follow. He sprints away.
  • Hugo offers to give info on Jurgan in exchange for killing Daub.
  • Urdal, Sigfried, and Gustav refuse to do it, but Konrad and Janna say they will
  • Konrad knocks at Daubs door and then starts hacking at it with his pick.
  • Daub agrees to leave town in exchange for not being killed
  • Hugo tell us to talk to The Hounds, as they are the last ones to see Jurgan alive
  • Go to The Hounds Den and gamble with Pim for Jurgans purse. Janna wins easily. We find a map in the purse.
  • Map leads to The Burned Bakery, which has an entrance to the sewer.
  • Mutants in the sewer. We rig up a crude Molotov cocktail.

Sigmar Says: When facing a mutant, swing twice as hard, for you know not how strong his bones are.

In the ruins
Destroying the remnants of a declining cult

Kill the cultists, explore the remains of the temple, sit fire to things, return to Marienburg.

  • Things are looking bad with Osric, so Horst intervenes, talking with Osric and convincing him to give us the location of the temple where Karl was found.
  • Cultists were surrounding a baby, and it looked like they were preparing to drown the baby in a basin, so Osric and his men struck. They killed the cultists and retrieved the baby.
  • The cultists displayed a glazed-over look in their eyes, showing no fear.
  • Osric recognized the same glazed look on the faces of those who paraded Karl around Marienberg and knew then that Karl was evil.
  • To find the temple, we need to talk to Jekil Sumpfmund

Dealing with Jekil

  • You need a tour of the swamp! Only 2s / day / person!
  • Once we’re out on the water, we come clean and explain that we’re here to follow in the footsteps of Osric.
  • Jekil says that it will take 3 days to get there. We get on our way.
  • Jekil points out various plants, and Konrad decides to drink the nectar of a flower. He nearly passes out, but stays conscious. He decides to keep the rest of the nectar.

The hidden temple

  • Konrad scouts out the ruined temple
  • He sneaks around but hears a roar as he is spotted. He runs back to the party with a horrible mutant chasing him.
  • A fight ensues and Konrad’s arm is nearly destroyed. The beast is killed, and Gustav insists on burning its corpse.
  • We retreat to rest so Konrad’s arm can mend.

The hidden temple (the next day)

  • We come back the next day and decide it’s time to be bold
  • In the courtyard of the temple we’re attacked by a group of mutant cultists
  • The leader of the mutants says, “Your master has sent you to learn what we’re up to?”
  • Gustav responds, “Our master has sent us to cleanse you!”
  • Some back and forth ensues, at which the mutant leader decides “Oh, you’re not who we thought you were. We’ll still kill you, though”
  • Gustav makes sure the mutants know they’re going to be killed by servants of Sigmar, then the party attacks!

Sigmar’s Words

Be discreet. Then be bold!

Smuggling a witch
  • Go back to the orphanage to talk to Girda, but mainly to pass a note to Marietta. We need to tell her that Maida is alive.
  • Gustav clumsily hands a note to Marietta, startling her quite a bit.
  • We greet Girda and tell her we’re going to meet with Karl
  • During the day, we head to bars and brothels and ask around after Osric
    • No leads from just about anyone
    • Konrad gets approached by a street urchin who says he knows someone who has the info and is willing to sell it. Meet him at the abandoned warehouse.
  • Met the strange man at the warehouse and the guy tells us that Osric was attacked and beaten when he spoke out against Karl.
    • Helmut was claiming Karl as Sigmar Reborn
    • Osric recognized Karl and called Helmut a fool and Karl an imposter
    • Osric was taken to the Golden Lotus to help relieve his pain
    • Dockworker gives us a token to the Golden Lotus, telling us it will get us in
  • We take Marietta to meet Maida. Urdal gives them 5gc to get passage to Bogenhafen.

Golden Lotus

  • Head to the Golden Lotus, smell the acrid smell of black lotus fumes wafting out.
  • Konrad, Urdal, and Gustav are overcome with the smoke, hacking and coughing
  • We search room to room, seeing some horrible scenes of depravity.
  • Finally, we find a room with a battered, beaten man who is catatonic from the lotus fumes
  • Sigfried rebreaks and resets his broken right leg
  • The pain awakens him and he is very hostile
  • We argue for a while and Sigfried tries to convince him to allow us to reset his other leg
  • He tells us to stay the fuck away, but Sigfried doesn’t listen. Urdal holds him down while Sigfried resets the other one. Osric screams and calls out “Farook!!!”
  • Gustav stands in the hallway screaming “Sigmar’s light shines dimly in this dim place! The smoke dims his light but he is not blind! He knows of your deeds and will judge you!”
  • Farook drags Gustav out and throws him into the street.
  • Farook then returns and tells everyone to get out. Sigfried refuses and Farook attacks.
  • Sigfried parries all of Farook’s attacks, but does not attack in return. Finally, Urdal steps in and knocks Farook out.

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