In the Shadow of Sigmar

She turned me into a newt!
Free the "witch" and learn about Karl

The plan, to let Konrad distract the guards protecting the “witch” while some of the team re-kidnaps the “witch” in order to further interrogate her to get further background on Karl.

Gustav and Urdal will camp out in case Konrad gets in trouble. Janna and Siegfried will kidnap her.

Upon seeing that the guards don’t actually protect her in the evening, the plan becomes useless.

NEW PLAN: Konrad and Urdal will break the “witch” out while the rest of the party guards the nearby alleyways.

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Konrad “picks” the lock by hitting it with his pick, it clangs loudly and dents the lock. The “witch” advises him to stop, she will tell us what she knows from the cage. She has accepted her fate.

Gustav says that Sigmar says, “blah blah blah, come back here I’ll bite your ankles off!”

The “witch” explains that the words of Sigmar have no hold here. She then continues to tell us that Osrick Falconheim (a witch hunter) had found Karl in the marsh and brought him to her. Karl didn’t have the mark of Sigmar when he was found, but he did seem to have some form of power over those around him. Maida Widmann, the “witch” had instructed the prirus to return Karl to the custody of the witch hunter. That was the last Maida saw him, until he returned as Sigmar reborn. The Prirus had hidden Karl to raise him as her own. Maida brought her and the other betraying sisters to the temple to confess, but instead they denounced her. Only the intervention of the black-hats kept her from being killed by the angry mob. She was sentenced to death by exposure.

She refuses to be broken out, but says that we need to find Osrick and have him take us to where he found Karl, so we can figure out where he came from and how he came to have this horrible power.

As Sigmar says: “to leave a comrade dying on the field of battle is to leave your hammer rusting in the rain.” With that, we wrap the lock in cloth and continue to whack at it, despite Maida’s pleading. Then, a voice exclaims “hey what are you doing there?”

Sigfried and Konrad continue to damage the lock while Urdal explains we should just find Osrick and leave Maida alone. Upon breaking the lock, black hats arrive. Then Gustav exclaims “an innocent has been freed in Sigmar’s name!”

5 Black hats arrive, initiative rolled, Siegfried picks up Maida. Gustav, Janna, and Konrad flee in opposite directions. Siegfried eventually flees past Janna, while Urdal takes off to the orphanage. Siegfried jostles Maida around in his running, causing her pain. Janna tries (sometimes successfully) to slow down the black hats by destroying surrounding scenery. Eventually Janna and Siegfried lose the Black hats and get out of town.

Siegfried, trying to heal Maida, tries to feed her some rations. She doesn’t want to eat it, but Siegfried “makes her eat it.”

Janna leaves Siegfried to find the rest of the party, when she happens upon Gustav she tells him that the authorities are looking for us, with one of the details being our proclaimed love of Sigmar. She tells him to hold his tongue, but he responds with “better to ask the wind not to blow.”

Urdal goes into the orphanage to try and get more information about Osrick, but ends up getting none. Everyone gathers outside of town where Janna and Siegfried remained. The plan now is to further interrogate Maida and find Osrick, We must know more about Karl’s past, and Osrick is the key.

A New Mission

this is not the first time sigmar was reborn.

investigate karl in marienberg to see if he is really sigmar.

we made 10 gold each

joseph is curious because marienberg is no longer a part of the empire. it won its independence hundreds of years ago. they are not big on sigmar.

gustav will be a dick to the marianberg folk.

did some investigating. Before he was sent to jail, Max was seen talking to a franklin. he was later seen heading to Altdorf. franklin has not been seen.
franklin gables a lot and hangs out in seedy places.

book passage on a cargo ship. trip takes 4-5 days. we arrive in marienberg after a very uneventful trip.

gustav makes ass of self.

some random dude on the dock says that karl left and led a big crusade. supposedly the “new sigmar” needs to take back his empire.

siegfried investigates the temple district.

winkelmarkt is where karl’s rabble were hanging out.

went to temple wijk. i don’t have to worry about typing that. biggest/nicest buildings.

massive white and gold temple for sea god (whose name i don’t know how to spell).

the temple of sigmar looks abandoned. it is decent sized, but run down (twss). looks like it hasn’t been occupied in a while (decades or a century).
it is fenced up and locked with a padlock.

siegfried uses his hammer to smash the lock to the fence. he and gustav start cleaning the place up. dudes in uniforms with black berets come over. they
direct the party to a different, smaller, temple of sigmar. this temple was closed because the sigmarites opposed marienberg independence.

gustav plans to rebuild the temple.

the party heads towards the smaller temple. it’s not shaped like a hammer; it’s not big enough (twss).

there is a woman in a cage. she was imprisoned for being a witch (according to the black hats). She was sentenced to death by
exposure. she was imprisoned by the sigmarites. she spoke out against karl and said that he is a heretic.

gustav walks into the temple and is greeted by a priest of the temple. gustav kind of seemed to be hitting on him.

priest confirms that Karl is from marienberg. gustav can’t wrap his head around this. years of reading religious books have stunted his ability to process innovative ideas.

priest tells us that Karl is heading to altdorf to reclaim his throne.

konrad notices that the preist gets all glassy-eyed when he talks about Karl. he gets very worked up when people question Karl.

Karl is 6 years old. This priest seems to be really into this young boy.

Karl was from an orphanage. The mother is unknown. He became known because he kicked some cultists asses with a hammer. People started following him at that point.
He never made the claim that he was Sigmar.

The priest kicked us out of the temple for asking too many good questions.

We went to winklmarkt. it seemed strangely empty. We think karl is responsible.

did some gossipping. Karl’s followers were mostly refugees. The “witch” was disguised as a shalyan priestess and lead agents of chaos. she tried to denounce the
boy in front of the old temple. helmut was the person who saw through her and killed the agents of chaos (they were all killed).

Some random dude came up to us and attempted to sell some holy relics to us. his name was mr peek. He even had the shirt that Karl was wearing when he killed the heretics. It had the symbol of a flying dove on it.o

found the orphanage near the dood canal. there are children outside singing and playing. they are wearing tunics similar to the one we saw. there is an initiate
there staring at her feet and blocking the door. an older lady comes out and glares at us.

everyone except konrad gave up their weapons to go into the temple. siegfried unsuccessfully hits on marietta. The night Karl was brought to them, a twin tail comet was seen.

karl was kidnapped and killed his kidnappers. then helmut proclaimed him sigmar reborn.

gustav offends the head of the orphanage while trying to find out what marietta was being punsihed for.

kids at the orphanage are singing about sigmar. a girl is questioning the fact that they are being forced to build a shrine to Karl and gets punsished for it.

marietta gives siegfried a note that says “i love the cock”. no wait… not really. it says lutzen is a fool who lies to herself. talk to the true aboss outside of town.

The rest of them

When last we saw our adventurers, they had traveled down a tunnel below the Temple of Sigmar and were now standing around a campfire in a large cavern, surrounded by the bodies of skaven camp-followers as well as the supplies necessary for an entire skaven invading force.

Here’s what happened next:

  • Gustav, Konrad, and Undal Urdal looted the bodies of the fallen skaven for armor. While the armor they recovered was not in very good shape, it was still better than they had, which was nothing.
  • While they did that, Janna and Siegfried decided to explore the cave by heading in a random direction until they found a wall, then following said wall until they found a tunnel. They left a torch burning at the mouth of the tunnel, and headed back to the campfire to rejoin the rest of the group.
  • In the meantime, though somewhat worried about their wayward companions, whose light they could no longer see, the trio at the campfire decided to burn all the supplies and crates around them. It was only as they threw the last crate on the fire that they realized that 1)these were the selfsame skaven who had caused so much trouble in the town with a cunningly-utilized stash of Wyrdstone; 2)that probably hadn’t been their entire supply; and 3) Wyrdstone isn’t something you really want to burn, or at least not something you want to stand around and inhale while you burn it. Just as they realized all this, they heard a popping sound, the smoke from the fire turned weird colors, and they passed out.
  • Janna and Siegfried arrived back at the fire to find their comrades passed out, but the smoke a normal color, so they just figured the other three had decided to take a nap rather than go out in search of the rest of their party. Feeling somewhat insulted but certainly not worried, the returning duo woke up their sleeping friends. It was at that point that everyone realized they had destroyed all potential reference points in a giant dark cavern. Fortunately, Siegfried had at least kept track of the way he and Janna had just come from, so the party headed toward the newly-found tunnel.
  • When they found the tunnel, Gustav noticed some tracks in the cave dust. Despite a lack of corroborating information from “Friend Dwarf”, Gustav declared that these tracks could be hundreds of years old or very recent.
  • Since tracks meant that someone at some time had gone in that direction, the party followed the tracks rather than going down the tunnel they had found.
  • Eventually they came out of the tunnel in what they later noticed was a wooded area, and in what they immediately noticed was night-time. Since the ground wasn’t made of lava (see below), they decided to rest until daylight, with Urdal and Konrad keeping watch.
  • At dawn the party awoke, figured out where they were, and headed back toward Hagendorfen Bogenhafen. Upon drawing closer, they were alarmed to find that many of the buildings were ablaze or had burned, and there were corpses of human and skaven alike on the ground.
  • As they were arguing about where to go first, they heard the clash of metal from nearby. After convincing Janna that this was probably the sound of continued battle rather than the sound of an undaunted metalsmith using his forge (as she had assumed), they hurried off to see what foul ruckus the skaven were causing.
  • They found Brother Josef, badly wounded, fighting a rat ogre, surrounded by skaven. Hoping to save their friend idol sort-of-ally, they joined the battle!
  • Battle highlights: Janna dealt a mighty crossbow-blow to one of the skaven, only to be grievously wounded herself; Siegfried tried to get the rat ogre to fight him instead of Josef, but realized one of the skaven was commanding it; and the group finally defeated the enemies, attempted to heal Janna and Josef, and decided that they really should invest in some healing poultices.
  • The group split up to go check on their various loved ones: Janna to the jail to check on her brother (she found that most of the prisoners had escaped, presumably including her brother), Siegfried to his family estate to check on his family, Gustav to the Temple of Sigmar to check on Father Dugan and the rest of the Sigmarites, and Urdal to check on his former charge (the noblewoman).

This week’s Wisdom of Sigmar:

  • “To die in the service of a higher power is a noble thing. To get stabbed in the gut because you’re a dumbass is not.”
  • “It is better to wear the trappings of your enemies than to join them in hell.”

This week’s memorable quotes (one in pictorial form):

Jordan: “I assume you guys rotate watches?”
Johnny: “Yeah.” (to Juan) “Here’s my watch.”

Where to Sleep

Into the Dark

Following the skirmish with the Skaven, Gustav runs to Josef to warn him, while the others stay to guard the crack and secret tunnel.

Josef is disheartened at the news that Skaven are involved, and asks everyone to keep their involvement a secret. Gustav agrees, citing Sigmar’s wisdom: “Knowledge to one who is unprepared is like a mace to the face.” In addition, Josef agrees to free Father Dugan, since there’s no way he could be in league with the Skaven.

After securing Josef’s blessing, the party ventures deeper into the tunnel. They walk for about a half hour before it opens into a larger cavern. They spot a campfire in the middle and immediately extinguish their torches.

They creep toward the campfire, hearing some skittering and shuffling in the dark around them. When they reach the fire, they find two Skaven tending to piles of supplies. Expecting an easy fight, the party rushes in to attack the Skaven. Only then do they realize that the shuffling in the dark was the sound of several more Skaven. A battle ensues, but the party quickly dispatches the rat men. From there, they decide to warn Josef of the danger, then venture deeper into the tunnels.

Quote of the Night

Josef: “Please Gustav, you must keep the Skaven’s involvement a secret.”
Gustav: “Of course, Brother Josef. As Sigmar says, ‘Knowledge to one who is unprepared is like a mace to the face.’”


Adventuring Party wakes up the next day only to find most of the people in the temple of Sigmar have come down with illness.

Joseph from the Order of the Cleansing Flame is convinced this temple of Sigmar has fallen to corruption, and that the priests themselves are to blame. He feels that Sigmar is punishing the members of this temple for harboring corruption.

Adventuring Party volunteers to clear the name of the temple. Goes into the town to see if others have fallen ill or if it is primarily the temple of Sigmar.

Siegfried runs into one of this brothers in town. The brother tries to convince Siegfried to come back to work for the family or join another church since the temple of Sigmar is obviously corrupt. Siegfried is open to the idea of joining a different temple of Sigmar, but refuses to give up joining the church of Sigmar.

Adventuring Party goes to the temple of Verana since they were handling the investigation of the heretic who set fire to their temple. The priest there says the heretic was a charcoal burner named Franz and that he had Wyrdstone embedded in his body. The black stone is a physical manifestation of corruption usually used by rat people known as Scaven. It also is discovered that Franz was the person who made the charcoal deliveries to the temple of Sigmar.

The Adventuring Party returns to the temple of Sigmar and searches through the charcoal stores, and then checks the Flame of Sigmar burning at the top of the temple. They discover the Flame has been burning Wyrdstone, and that was the cause of the illness that the priests have.

Adventuring Party volunteers to Joseph to search for possible Scaven that may have provided the Wyrdstone.

In the cellar of the temple they find a crack leading to an open chamber. The party widens the crack and steps through only to discover three scaven waiting for them

Battle ensues, the three Scaven are quickly slain, and Siegfriend feels like he has found his calling. During the battle each of Siegfriend’s attacks landed mighty blows that killed an enemy.

There is a tunnel leading from the chamber. The party is unclear what they wish to do with it yet. Joseph suggests collapsing the tunnel, but further investigation may be in order.

Festering Disease
  • We head back to the Temple of Sigmar to stay the night
  • Father Dugan greets everyone
  • Dugan is surprised that Gustav plans to join the church, and expresses alarm that Sigfried hasn’t discussed his plans with his father.
  • Gustav brings everyone to evening devotionals
  • Father Dugan speaks with Gustav about his plans to leave the library. Dugan is very disappointed that Gustav is leaving, and says it’s “very convenient” that Sigmar has told him to leave his work in the library and go out into the world. “Would that we all could leave our appointed tasks and ‘prance around’”
  • A big, nicely armored man (Josef Vankirk) comes to meet Dugan the next day. Seems highly placed in the Cult of Sigmar.
  • Josef spends some time talking with Dugan. They then come to the main chapel and summon everyone who was present at the execution of yesterday’s heretic.
  • Josef bears the symbol of the Order of the Cleansing Flame
  • He’s here to investigate the possibility of a larger conspiracy, with others being complicit in the hatred towards the other gods.
  • Josef begins questioning everyone as to their memory of the execution. Konrad goes first, but there’s not much to say. He was drunk the whole day anyway.
  • He then questions Sigfried. Not much to say, as Sigfried is new to the service of Sigmar. He has not witnessed any subversives.
  • Urdal also has no information to give. Josef thanks him for his time, and for blessing the temple with his presence.
  • Janna has no help to offer.
  • Gustav assures him that this temple to Sigmar has no corruption. Everyone is pious and there is no one who strays from the path of Sigmar’s teachings.
  • Janna and Gustav go to the library. They look for info on the Dagger of Jorgen and manage to find a little bit of info.
  • A new guy, Charles Dulcet, comes in the library, wearing symbols of the Temple of Verena. He wants to thank Sigfried for his actions in saving the book at the temple.
Setting off in Bogenhafen
A celebration and a meeting

Action, coming soon.


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