Ansel's Journal - last page


They are coming. My gills are filled with Tobias’s reek. Ruprecht wants the chain for the boy, so only he will be able to control him. And if he succeeds, can his conquest of the empire be far behind? I must hide my old notes, or he will discover its location. But where? Where can I place them beyond his reach? If only I had the courage to burn them, but I cannot allow myself to forget my transgressions. I must read them constantly to know the evil of my former self.
Perhaps I could tell the temple of Tobias’ coming. No, not until Sigmar sees fit to cure me of these abominable transformations. The risk of exposure is too great, and my work is not yet done. Blessed Lord Sigmar, have I not slain a hundred tainted in your name? Can you still withhold your mercy? Ah! I have it! Prayer has inspired me! I know the very place. Ruprecht’s minions would not dare search there.

Helmgart’s First Blood.


Ansel's Journal - last page

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