In the Shadow of Sigmar

Mutants at the Gate

We decide to spend the night in the inn, and we divide up watches.

Later in the evening, when it’s quite dark, Kyle and The Brute are patrolling the outer wall of the inn. Kyle hears a noise at the front gate and creeps up to find some shadowy figures opening the gate. Peering over the wall to the outside, he sees several more shadowy figures outside.

Giving warning, Kyle calls out for them to stop opening the gate or he will put an arrow through their head. A hushed conversation happens below with the figures disagreeing, but in the end they keep trying to open the gate.

Kyle fires an arrow into them while raising the alarm. At that, the Brute comes running from the back side of the wall, and everyone else inside the inn wakes up and starts heading outside.

Once the Brute arrives with a torch, the light reveals the figures at the gate to be mutants. One is a hulking monster with hooves for hands. Another has porcupine quills on his head. The final one is mostly female looking, but extra thin.

A fight ensues with Kyle peppering the mutants with arrows. They keep trying to open the gate to let more mutants in, but the Brute arrives along with Gustav and the others from inside the inn. The fight is very quick, as two of the mutants are killed but the lithe female escapes outside. We all push hard on the gate and manage to close and bar it.

Off in the woods in the distance, a horn sounds. Coming out of the woods is a gang of beastmen. The mutants howl and beg to be let in, as the beastmen will slaughter them. But we are merciless with the mutants, forcing them to remain outside and face the beastmen.



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