In the Shadow of Sigmar

Karls Assassination

The elves are planning an assassination, and we have to decide what we want to do.

  • Gustav wants to wait for the assassination to start, then try to save Karl, kidnapping him and running if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Imhol, Agmar, and Oskar decide to accompany the elves as they attempt the assassination.
  • Sigfried patrols outside the inner camp, waiting to call out the alarm as the elves approach. Sigfried asks Father Johaness to lend the services of the hammer bearers as assistants in a kidnapping.
    • Instead of getting the hammer bearers, Johaness tells Nils to accompany Sigfried.

Zombies Attack

  • The 3 with the elves accompany them through the woods after midnight.
  • Coming from the woods toward the inner part, they smell something like rot and awful.
  • Suddenly screams come and “things” are seen sprinting through the camp.
  • Zombies stream into the camp from the woods.
  • Oskar skulks in to engage the zombies from hiding, the elves and Agmar and Imhol continue toward the inner section.
  • Sigfried uses the zombie distraction as a chance to sneak under the cloth wall into the inner section of Karl’s camp.
  • Gustav storms out of his tent to head towards Karl, but he is confronted by one of the guards. He don’t push forward.
  • Oskar takes a shot with his bow at one of the zombies. It seems to do no damage, and Oskar resists the fear that threatens to consume him as he faces the zombie.
  • Agmar and Imhol keep moving forward with the elves and get to the inner tents. The elves thank them for the guidance then tell them to wait here while the elves do the assassination.

Ending status

  • Sigfried is inside the inner tent area, sees Gustav and is sneaking over to him.
  • Gustav is pacing in front of the scribe’s tent. There is still a guard that Gustav talked to, but he is patrolling.
  • Agmar and Imhol are standing outside the inner tent circle, at the spot where Sigfried snuck in. The elves are circling the outside looking for a way in.
  • Oskar is fighting with the zombies, having fired a few arrows into the leader. He’s been spotted and is now running away toward the central compound.



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