In the Shadow of Sigmar

Greta Continued

Where is that damned chicken?

  • Lauer, town clerk, interrupts the investigation to introduce an older elf
  • Elf was found poaching on Von Spire territory and sentenced to aid in the chicken finding
  • Captured by Blaurest Blut, interated with Arnolt Schade
  • We go to Gephardt to identify the crest, but he has many tomes. Gustav decides to spend as long as it takes researching the crest.
  • Everyone else goes to interview the reeve, who turns out to be a pompous man who refers to himself in the third person.
  • The elf gets very angry at the reeve and demands him to explain himself and tell where he was on the night the chicken disappeared.
  • When the reeve hems and haws, the elf asks, “Were you out that night, and did you see anything afoul?”
  • The reeve says that Lenhardt VonSpire was seen holding the chicken and leaving the farm.
  • We go to speak to Lauer, the town clerk, and report to him our findings.
  • Lauer refuses to accept that Lenhardt would have stolen a chicken.
  • Arouette and Gustav argue over whether she has a duty to stand again Lenhardt VonSpire. If she wishes to forment rebellion in Bretonia, why does she ignore the excesses of the nobles here?
  • Elan interjects and expresses his support for people who stand against nobles. Arouette is quite entranced with him.
  • We ambush the reeve to question him. Faced with a small beating, he quickly caves.
    • He was told by Lucas VonSpire to tell that Lenhardt was stealing the chicken
    • The reeve says he saw Caster Schmidt skulking around the farm, but had no reason to arrest an upstanding member of the community.
  • We go to Frau ?? and ask about her dead husband.
  • She indicates that she does not wish to speak about it, but Elan sticks his foot in the door before it closes.

Quote of the night: – Elan – “I apologize for my unforgivable length.”



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