In the Shadow of Sigmar

Following the Crusade

Nurglites and Lip Sores

  • Jan says that Capt Kreiger could be a follower of Nurgle
    • Watch out for men with lip sores.
  • Father Helmut – also tells us that there could be a chaos follower in the camp, but he’s not sure who or where.
  • We tell Ahmed to be on the lookout for lip sores.
  • Oskar and Imhol are wandering around looking for people with lip sores when they realize a peasant girl with a lip boil is following them.
  • Oskar darts off and she continues following Imhol, and Oskar can get in behind her.
  • Oskar confronts the women following them, and she freaks out. She bites the boil on her lip and begins vomiting and convulsing. Pus starts coming out of her face and she dies very quickly.
  • Imhol follows someone from the crowd who also has a lip boil, and he follows him to butcher Groff’s cart.
  • Imhol eavesdrops on a conversation between Groff and a cultist, and they mention needing to do work for “Tobias”
  • At night, Oskar sees Kreiger head out of camp. The next morning, some guards mention that he wandered off into the woods. Kreiger complains about missing a glove.
  • Oskar follows Kreiger’s trail into the woods and finds a clearing with a circle of chaos runes. In the middle is a dead goat with baby hands. Oskar finds a feces smeared glove nearby.



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