In the Shadow of Sigmar

Coming Together in Karls Compound

Getting to the Compound

  • Oskar takes off running as the zombies and ghouls come after him
  • He heads toward the central compound, raising the alarm that zombies are attacking.
  • Imhol and Agmar find their way to the hole in Karls Compound tent area

Ghouls Infiltrate

  • Ghouls break into the inner camp, dressed as guards
  • Someone ushers them in
  • Oskar recognizes them as something inhuman, smelling their rot smell and seeing their jerky movements.
  • Oskar fires an arrow at one of the ghouls, intentionally exposing its face and alerting the nearby guards to the ghoul ambush.

Rescue or Burn

  • Sigfried and Gustav cut their way into Karl’s tent as the guards clash with the ghouls.
  • Once a hole is cut, they’re confronted by 2 halberdiers. Sigfried tries to talk them into letting them in, but it doesn’t work.
  • Agmar and Imhol decide that the best way to get Karl out of the tent is to smoke him out. Agmar starts lighting a fire using her tinder kit.

The Vampire Bat

  • Sigfried spots a vampire bat that lands at the top of Karl’s tent and begins cutting its way in.
  • The bat tears a hole in the top of the tent and drops in.
  • Inside the tent we can hear fighting and invocation.
  • Gustav decides that the vampire bat is a sign that he needs to go in and save Karl, so he dashes into the tent.



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