In the Shadow of Sigmar

Arriving at Altdorf

  • We arrive at Altdorf
  • Delegation comes from the city, attempts to bribe the leaders of the Crusade to move along. They refuse.
  • The Crusade sends a delegation to one of the city gates, they are rebuffed, told that the Emperor and Grand Theologist are too busy to talk.
  • Inner circle attempting to figure out what to do next, Father Helmut comes to us, asking for help.
    • Jan says there’s not much time, so he suggests that they sneak Karl into the city to meet w/ the Grand Theologist.
    • Helmut isn’t sure about the plan and its danger, but it’s hard to argue with the expediency.
  • Sneak in with Karl through the merchant gate, hiding Karl in a child’s coffin.
  • Jan turns on us and Karl’s bodyguards. We defeat them, but Jan escapes dragging Karl’s coffin.
  • Jan casts evil Nurgle spells during the fight.
  • Note:
    • Ansel in Altdorf
    • Ask Estelman
    • Necklace for Ceremony


  • Ask around after Ansel or Estelman, but no one knows of any famous ones.
  • Someone else was asking about Estelman, turns out it’s a bookseller
  • Estelman’s shop is in a shabby neighborhood near the Colleges of Law
  • The shop is burning, and we try to intervene and stop the fire from spreading.
  • Witch hunters arrive and stop the bucket brigade, saying that the shop deserved it, let it burn.
  • We head to a Temple of Shallya, where Estelman was taken to be treated for burns and broken legs.
    • How did his legs get broken?



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