In the Shadow of Sigmar

Around Camp

Oskar and Imhol how take a tour around the camp to spot potential Nurgle agents. They noticed a little girl with a small boil by her lip that was following them. When confronted she bit her boil and fell to the ground in a vomiting, pus weeping, quivering mass until she died. The rather quick death only increased suspicion of Nurgle involvement. Also noticed was the butcher Groff, who also possesses a similar boil.

Meanwhile Gustav delights in his new close contact with Karl, teaching the youth about Sigmar and his warhammer thought the joy of reading. gustave then talks with father Helmut about a man named Tobias.

Dealing with Groff

  • Hire Ahmed to go into Groff’s wagon.
  • Tell him that stealing is wrong, but “taking by force of arms” is acceptable.
  • Ahmed goes in the wagon at night, grabs a pot, hits Groff with it and yells “I take this by force of arms!”
  • Ahmed runs away, Groff heads out of the wagon but doesn’t follow.
  • Oskar manages to sneak in while Groff is distracted.
  • When Groff doesn’t chase Ahmed, Gustav comes out of the dark and impersonates a guard.
  • “Hey, I’m a guard and I think I saw a thief. Come help me chase him!”
  • Groff is confused and refuses to follow, instead deciding to head back into his wagon. Gustav can’t convince him to follow.
  • Imhol, realizing that Oskar is still inside the wagon, takes a shot from the darkness, wounding Groff in the shoulder.



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