In the Shadow of Sigmar

Finding The Vengeance
Inside Estelman's Shop
  • We head into Estelman’s shop, it’s all burned out and gutted
  • Several people stumble in the rubble and push their feet through the floor
  • We make our way into the basement, then into the sewer.
  • We find a closet in the sewer that’s been forced open
  • Bookshelves are empty, lots of footprints
  • Each shelf has a name pasted on it
  • We gather the names off the shelves to create the list of Estelman’s customers, and we have a list of 27 names
  • Imhol confronts a beggar outside, who runs away. As the witch hunter runs away, Imhol shoots him in the back, bringing him down.
  • He interrogates the beggar who turns out to be a witch hunter.
  • The witch hunter starts calling for help, and Imhol gags him and drags him back to the book shop.
  • Oskar notices witch hunters coming down the street, so we all take off heading the other way.

Researching the Names

  • We get a room at an inn, then ask the bartender about the names of the people on the list.
  • The bartender recognizes several of the names that have been pasted over
    • Grigger Stradech – Heretic killed by The Vengeance of Sigmar (a vigilante)
    • Maltus Dorge – Mutant killed by The Vengeance of Sigmar
  • All the names that were pasted over have been killed
  • Everyone on the list is a merchant or noble, including those who were killed

Vengeance of Sigmar

  • Wears a mask
  • All his kills turn out to be mutants
  • They’re strung up with a twin-tailed comet badge nailed to their foreheads
  • Tall, thin, snuffles like a dog on a scent trail

Brother Axel

  • We ask about a man with a scar matching Ansel’s description, asking the various badge sellers because the Vengeance always nails a twin-tailed comet badge to his victims.
  • One of the badge sellers recognizes the description as Brother Axel, a priest of Sigmar, who buys the badges as gifts for the children who visit the temple.
  • We are told to meet with Brother Hildtveldt, who can tell us where to find Brother Axel.
  • Hildveldt tells us that some witch hunters were searching after Brother Axel. It turns out the witch hunter in particular was Jan!
Visiting Estelman
Salvis Invitum - Saving unwillingly

Visiting Estelman

  • Gustav and (Protagonist) head up the stairs to visit Estelman
  • Imhol and Oskar climb a building next door in order to be in good position
  • Estelman tells us about Ansel
    • Loyal customer, buying his “special stock” of preferred customer items
    • Ansel moved to Marianberg, then moved back to Altdorf
    • Ansel came back from Marianberg with a scar, thinner, and somewhat crazy
    • Ansel threatened Estelman with death, extorted a list of his special customers

Witch Hunters Arrive

  • We hear a commotion downstairs, and it sounds like witch hunters have come for Estelman.
  • Estelman begs to be killed, rather than taken and tortured by the hunters.
  • We bar the doors to the room, but the witch hunters keep pushing and breaking doors.
  • Magnar and Gustav lower Estelman out the window as fast as possible, but it’s too fast and he shatters his legs, leading to internal bleeding, he’ll die very soon.
  • He gives them a key and says, “Under my shop”
  • Gustav draws his boot dagger and bestow’s Sigmar’s Mercy (a merciful death) to Estelman.

The exit

  • We escaped from the witchhunters, and we met an angry crowd that was looking for the witchhunters.
    • We also realize that they definitely aren’t the same people who were near Estelman’s shop.
  • We saw a raven following us as well
Arriving at Altdorf
  • We arrive at Altdorf
  • Delegation comes from the city, attempts to bribe the leaders of the Crusade to move along. They refuse.
  • The Crusade sends a delegation to one of the city gates, they are rebuffed, told that the Emperor and Grand Theologist are too busy to talk.
  • Inner circle attempting to figure out what to do next, Father Helmut comes to us, asking for help.
    • Jan says there’s not much time, so he suggests that they sneak Karl into the city to meet w/ the Grand Theologist.
    • Helmut isn’t sure about the plan and its danger, but it’s hard to argue with the expediency.
  • Sneak in with Karl through the merchant gate, hiding Karl in a child’s coffin.
  • Jan turns on us and Karl’s bodyguards. We defeat them, but Jan escapes dragging Karl’s coffin.
  • Jan casts evil Nurgle spells during the fight.
  • Note:
    • Ansel in Altdorf
    • Ask Estelman
    • Necklace for Ceremony


  • Ask around after Ansel or Estelman, but no one knows of any famous ones.
  • Someone else was asking about Estelman, turns out it’s a bookseller
  • Estelman’s shop is in a shabby neighborhood near the Colleges of Law
  • The shop is burning, and we try to intervene and stop the fire from spreading.
  • Witch hunters arrive and stop the bucket brigade, saying that the shop deserved it, let it burn.
  • We head to a Temple of Shallya, where Estelman was taken to be treated for burns and broken legs.
    • How did his legs get broken?
Groffs Last Day

Found in Groffs Cart

  • Knives dosed with something (poison?)
  • Different types of meat
    • Meat stashed away for Jan is fresher than other meat
Around Camp

Oskar and Imhol how take a tour around the camp to spot potential Nurgle agents. They noticed a little girl with a small boil by her lip that was following them. When confronted she bit her boil and fell to the ground in a vomiting, pus weeping, quivering mass until she died. The rather quick death only increased suspicion of Nurgle involvement. Also noticed was the butcher Groff, who also possesses a similar boil.

Meanwhile Gustav delights in his new close contact with Karl, teaching the youth about Sigmar and his warhammer thought the joy of reading. gustave then talks with father Helmut about a man named Tobias.

Dealing with Groff

  • Hire Ahmed to go into Groff’s wagon.
  • Tell him that stealing is wrong, but “taking by force of arms” is acceptable.
  • Ahmed goes in the wagon at night, grabs a pot, hits Groff with it and yells “I take this by force of arms!”
  • Ahmed runs away, Groff heads out of the wagon but doesn’t follow.
  • Oskar manages to sneak in while Groff is distracted.
  • When Groff doesn’t chase Ahmed, Gustav comes out of the dark and impersonates a guard.
  • “Hey, I’m a guard and I think I saw a thief. Come help me chase him!”
  • Groff is confused and refuses to follow, instead deciding to head back into his wagon. Gustav can’t convince him to follow.
  • Imhol, realizing that Oskar is still inside the wagon, takes a shot from the darkness, wounding Groff in the shoulder.
Following the Crusade
Nurglites and Lip Sores
  • Jan says that Capt Kreiger could be a follower of Nurgle
    • Watch out for men with lip sores.
  • Father Helmut – also tells us that there could be a chaos follower in the camp, but he’s not sure who or where.
  • We tell Ahmed to be on the lookout for lip sores.
  • Oskar and Imhol are wandering around looking for people with lip sores when they realize a peasant girl with a lip boil is following them.
  • Oskar darts off and she continues following Imhol, and Oskar can get in behind her.
  • Oskar confronts the women following them, and she freaks out. She bites the boil on her lip and begins vomiting and convulsing. Pus starts coming out of her face and she dies very quickly.
  • Imhol follows someone from the crowd who also has a lip boil, and he follows him to butcher Groff’s cart.
  • Imhol eavesdrops on a conversation between Groff and a cultist, and they mention needing to do work for “Tobias”
  • At night, Oskar sees Kreiger head out of camp. The next morning, some guards mention that he wandered off into the woods. Kreiger complains about missing a glove.
  • Oskar follows Kreiger’s trail into the woods and finds a clearing with a circle of chaos runes. In the middle is a dead goat with baby hands. Oskar finds a feces smeared glove nearby.
Coming Together in Karls Compound

Getting to the Compound

  • Oskar takes off running as the zombies and ghouls come after him
  • He heads toward the central compound, raising the alarm that zombies are attacking.
  • Imhol and Agmar find their way to the hole in Karls Compound tent area

Ghouls Infiltrate

  • Ghouls break into the inner camp, dressed as guards
  • Someone ushers them in
  • Oskar recognizes them as something inhuman, smelling their rot smell and seeing their jerky movements.
  • Oskar fires an arrow at one of the ghouls, intentionally exposing its face and alerting the nearby guards to the ghoul ambush.

Rescue or Burn

  • Sigfried and Gustav cut their way into Karl’s tent as the guards clash with the ghouls.
  • Once a hole is cut, they’re confronted by 2 halberdiers. Sigfried tries to talk them into letting them in, but it doesn’t work.
  • Agmar and Imhol decide that the best way to get Karl out of the tent is to smoke him out. Agmar starts lighting a fire using her tinder kit.

The Vampire Bat

  • Sigfried spots a vampire bat that lands at the top of Karl’s tent and begins cutting its way in.
  • The bat tears a hole in the top of the tent and drops in.
  • Inside the tent we can hear fighting and invocation.
  • Gustav decides that the vampire bat is a sign that he needs to go in and save Karl, so he dashes into the tent.
Karls Assassination

The elves are planning an assassination, and we have to decide what we want to do.

  • Gustav wants to wait for the assassination to start, then try to save Karl, kidnapping him and running if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Imhol, Agmar, and Oskar decide to accompany the elves as they attempt the assassination.
  • Sigfried patrols outside the inner camp, waiting to call out the alarm as the elves approach. Sigfried asks Father Johaness to lend the services of the hammer bearers as assistants in a kidnapping.
    • Instead of getting the hammer bearers, Johaness tells Nils to accompany Sigfried.

Zombies Attack

  • The 3 with the elves accompany them through the woods after midnight.
  • Coming from the woods toward the inner part, they smell something like rot and awful.
  • Suddenly screams come and “things” are seen sprinting through the camp.
  • Zombies stream into the camp from the woods.
  • Oskar skulks in to engage the zombies from hiding, the elves and Agmar and Imhol continue toward the inner section.
  • Sigfried uses the zombie distraction as a chance to sneak under the cloth wall into the inner section of Karl’s camp.
  • Gustav storms out of his tent to head towards Karl, but he is confronted by one of the guards. He don’t push forward.
  • Oskar takes a shot with his bow at one of the zombies. It seems to do no damage, and Oskar resists the fear that threatens to consume him as he faces the zombie.
  • Agmar and Imhol keep moving forward with the elves and get to the inner tents. The elves thank them for the guidance then tell them to wait here while the elves do the assassination.

Ending status

  • Sigfried is inside the inner tent area, sees Gustav and is sneaking over to him.
  • Gustav is pacing in front of the scribe’s tent. There is still a guard that Gustav talked to, but he is patrolling.
  • Agmar and Imhol are standing outside the inner tent circle, at the spot where Sigfried snuck in. The elves are circling the outside looking for a way in.
  • Oskar is fighting with the zombies, having fired a few arrows into the leader. He’s been spotted and is now running away toward the central compound.
Mutants at the Gate

We decide to spend the night in the inn, and we divide up watches.

Later in the evening, when it’s quite dark, Kyle and The Brute are patrolling the outer wall of the inn. Kyle hears a noise at the front gate and creeps up to find some shadowy figures opening the gate. Peering over the wall to the outside, he sees several more shadowy figures outside.

Giving warning, Kyle calls out for them to stop opening the gate or he will put an arrow through their head. A hushed conversation happens below with the figures disagreeing, but in the end they keep trying to open the gate.

Kyle fires an arrow into them while raising the alarm. At that, the Brute comes running from the back side of the wall, and everyone else inside the inn wakes up and starts heading outside.

Once the Brute arrives with a torch, the light reveals the figures at the gate to be mutants. One is a hulking monster with hooves for hands. Another has porcupine quills on his head. The final one is mostly female looking, but extra thin.

A fight ensues with Kyle peppering the mutants with arrows. They keep trying to open the gate to let more mutants in, but the Brute arrives along with Gustav and the others from inside the inn. The fight is very quick, as two of the mutants are killed but the lithe female escapes outside. We all push hard on the gate and manage to close and bar it.

Off in the woods in the distance, a horn sounds. Coming out of the woods is a gang of beastmen. The mutants howl and beg to be let in, as the beastmen will slaughter them. But we are merciless with the mutants, forcing them to remain outside and face the beastmen.


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